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Make a Payment

Make a payment using your debit card to your own account, or to another member's account.

Payments are made to:

Thistle Credit Union
252 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, Glasgow, G72 0YH, United Kingdom

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Payment Services Terms  &  Conditions

When using our online payment system you will be re-directed to the WorldPay website where your card details will be entered and payment taken. Card details are handled solely by WorldPay. Thistle Credit Union do not store any payment card details within our systems.

Once on the WorldPay website you will be required to enter some personal information including your name and contact details. Your card payment details are also required as you would expect on any online payment service. This includes your card number and security code. You may also be asked for further card authentication by your debit card provider.

Payment transactions are accepted in £ GBP only. We can accept a maximum payment of £500.00 on our online payment system.

Thistle Credit Union do not accept payment using credit cards.
Refund Policy

Any dispute should be referred to the Operations Manager Cash & Banking Department, outlining the details of the disputed payment. For security purposes do not include any specific debit card details in this email.

Please include your name, credit union account number and a contact telephone number. The 'Contact Us' section of our website displays all contact details for Thistle Credit Union, alternatively you may prefer to call to our office during working hours.

A refund will only be paid where an amount has been paid to us in error. An administration fee may be charged for any sums refunded. Any refund is at the discretion of Thistle Credit Union. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to process.

Refunds will only be refunded using the card details used to make the payment or by cheque or bank transfer at the discretion of Thistle Credit Union.

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